Wednesday, March 30, 2011

red hot.

hello loves :)
I am back with a LOTD..
Today, I did one of many pin up looks I know of. Hopefully you guys enjoy it, I had so much fun doing this look ( and taking lots of pictures ha ha ) !
It is very simple, but beautiful.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Look of  the Day:)
Hello loves:)
I've decided to a look of the day weekly:)
Today (3-16-11) I wanted to do something a bit on the dramatic side :)
The white-ish part on the lid is nylon eyeshadow by MAC, I also used my coastal scents 88 palette, I used a light brown on the crease and defined it with a dark brown, and I used nylon as a highlight.
I probably will do a in depth tutorial on this soon hope you like the picture:)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

light vs. dark

hello loves, I'm in San Diego today so I decided to address a question that was made to me by my sister.
she wanted to know when it's appropiate to wear a "dark" look and when it's appropriate to wear a "light" look, I put quotations around those words because light and dark is subjective; meaning what I think is Light might be Dark for you.

Personally, I do my makeup according to how I feel, my makeup is my way of expressing myself, just like people dress a certain way in order to express themselves.

But that's just me, if you feel that you have to tone down your makeup to go to work but you still want to look made up then try something like a brown smoky eye, it will still accentuate your eyes but it won't be as dark. A light wash of color would also be very nice. I recommend taking a quad of shadows with some dark and light shades to work so you could make your makeup more dramatic if your going out right after work.

For example the quad could consist of: a light beige shade, a mid tone (optional: shimmery) brown, a dark brown, and a black.
This quad will let you create most of the basic looks :)

I am gonna do a tutorial of four different looks using the same colors. So stay tuned for that :P

Remember, light and dark is subjective. If you feel like wearing something go for it, and if you feel that it would be wrong to wear that to work... then try to tone it down and yet achieve the same look.

Some ideas to consider:
Lining your eyes is a very nice look that defines your eyes, and winging out your eyeliner makes it even more dramatic. I love lining my eyes with a thick winged out shape:)

Tip: lining just the bottom of your eye can make you look years older so I don't recommend that.

A red lip always makes a statement, it also makes you look cheerful. But remember to make sure to get a shade of red that goes well with your skin tone, not every red is for everyone.

Tip: too scared to try red? try a coral or orangey-pink color, It's the new red:P

Lashes, lashes, lashes. They make a difference girl! Whether it's fake lashes or natural. They could make your eyes look more awake and open:) trust me.

Tip: lash extensions look very nice and natural, google for places around you:)

That's all the tips for today huns' ... I'll be back with some tutorials soon enough :)
Ask any questions:P
I don't bite.

Marla, xoxoxo, :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

cedar waxwing:)

This is the first of my new "series". Each month I will choose a bird to use for inspiration on a new look, I will try to give you guys plenty of variety and colors:) This month's lucky bird is the Cedar Waxwing. This bird is a silky, shiny collection of brown, gray, and yellow, black, and brilliant orange-red droplets on the wing feathers. :)
I was super excited on starting this look and I feel that it is one of my favorite looks to this day !

Thats it:) Hope you enjoyed:)
love to all the lil' birdies,

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

fish out of water. . .

Today was the fifth time I have been to school without one itsy teeny weenie bitty drop of makeup
I felt like a fish out of water,
or like I was naked or something ..

ha ha, I think it's so funny how something can kinda become a "part" of you...
I don't like it when people criticize me for wearing makeup, they make it seem like wearing makeup means that your insecure or as if your hiding behind a mask. I wear makeup because I enjoy putting it on.
I feel the same way Michelangelo did when he was painting the Sistine Chapel, I N S P I R E D.

So maybe that's going a little to far ha ha, I'm not an artist (yet), but you get the point.
Applying makeup is truly my passion. The more and more people support & compliment me, makes me feel more at ease. It's like I'm finding out more about myself.

Throughout the years I have never lost support of those truly significant and important in my life. I don't have to name names because you all know who you are.

But above anyone else my mom has by far been my best friend and supporter, she is one of my toughest judges, and I love her for that :)

My main point is that through experiences you gain knowledge and not everything can be learned through textbooks or through other people's eyes... make mistakes, and forgive yourself. Practice makes perfect, and remember you are beautiful.

Don't let anyone bring you down loves<3

L O V E , B E A U T Y , & L I P S T I C K -  K I S S E S .

M A R L A A A A A A, obsessed WITH makeup.

ps: hopefully these personal blogs are helping you get to know me :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I'm sitting here trying to concentrate on my math homework, and I find myself daydreaming (haha this happens often)... When I began this blog I didn't expect anything in return... I just wanted to share my knowledge and passion with the world and as more people begin reading it I now know the immense satisfaction teachers get when their students learn something.

Everyday I learn more and more, and I find that the more I learn the less I know. . . I try not to close my mind off to new ideas and new techniques, makeup application is not something you learn one day, it takes practice and much trial and error. I feel that I have become more observant and adventurous. I am trying to think outside of the box, but I need to learn to be inside the box first..
Haha I have no idea if this makes any sense:P

My only wish is to teach people about my passion and help them discover theirs. . .

Good night my makeup lovers,
Tutorials will be back on Thursday:)
Love and Kisses and Hugs :)
Marla (and Makeup) :)