Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mineral Makeup(:

So the topic of this blog is ...
Honestly, I am still learning much about mineral makeup and I have only had few encounters with it but I am very interested in the benefits it has to offer. There has been much hype given to this type of makeup and I wanted to see if its all true.

What is mineral makeup made of?
Mineral makeup is composed of natural, finely ground minerals from the earth, without any of the chemicals, dyes, and preservatives found in traditional makeup.

Does the fact that its natural help the skin?
This was the question I kept asking myself...
Because of the absence of chemicals and dyes and fragrances minral makeup has been known to be kinder to the skin, also the use of titanium oxide or zinc oxide have anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe skin that is prone to acne or rosacea. Also the lightness of the makeup does not clog pores as much as other traditional makeup.

Can you really sleep in it?
I heard this a while back on an infomercial and honestly I started laughing. Girls and Guys never NEVER EVER sleep with your makeup on. It doesn't matter if its super pure and "good for your skin" it could still clog your pores.

* quick tip: make sure to keep your pillow cases clean because oils from your skin can accumalate on them and cause skin problems. :)

Should mineral makeup substitute your sunblock?
NOOOOOOO! Although mineral makeup may have high SPF it should not be your only sun protection.

Not all mineral makeup is alike !
Researching I found out that there are no set regulations on mineral makeup... what does this mean? It means that any company can say it's mineral makeup if the majority of the ingredients are minerals but there could be a great part made of unnatural products. Don't be fooled by the labeling.

*quick tip:
To find out if there are any known toxic effects from ingredients in your makeup, go to Skin Deep at www.cosmeticsdatabase.com and enter a product name or ingredient.

Monday, December 20, 2010

First Blog Ever(:

Hey Makeup Addicts!(:
Aaaaah its my first blog ever ! I'm so excited ! I honestly don't even know how to start off...
First off let me say that this is a new adventure I'm getting myself into... & I really hope that everyone that reads this learns something new. I want to be able to share tips & tricks and show you guys how much I love makeup. I'm still in high school so I'm still learning a lot of techniques but maybe we all could learn along the way. (:
OMG! I didn't even introduce myself haha,, I'm Marla Ramirez I'm still in high school (only a softemore) and I live in Sunny California(:
Now that we have that out of the way we can get started with the whole purpose of this blog .....

Much Love to my Makeup Junkies